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We will get through this together! See below for our most frequently asked questions.

How does Table Takeout work?

First, you will need to create an account. Go to ‘My Account’ on the menu, and follow the steps. This makes things super easy the next time you order because we will have your address, credit card info (if you want), and favorite orders saved. Next, you can browse through the list of restaurants. Once you find a restaurant, you can explore their menu and click to add items to your cart. Once you are ready, you can go to your shopping cart and check out! We let the restaurant know about your order and send a driver on the way to get it. When the food is ready, a driver will be sent to your location. It’s that easy!

When are you open?

We are open 7 days a week in all of our locations. In New Bern: 10am - 9pm. In Jacksonville,  11am - 9pm. In Greenville, 4pm - 9pm (at the moment). However, we are dependent on the hours of the restaurants. So, when you explore the list of food options, we will only list the restaurants that are open at that current time. 

Do you take cash? What about for tipping the drivers?

No, we use credit cards or debit cards only. It is safer for our drivers to not carry cash, so we appreciate that you are willing to keep our team safe! Before you checkout, there is a gratuity option called "Service Fee' you can add to the meal. All of this goes directly to the driver to feed them and their families.

What the heck is this delivery fee?

Half goes to paying for the security of the website and the other half goes to paying for the additional internal costs & fees. We're just locals trying to make a difference, so we pay a fee to a security company to make sure everyone's accounts stay digitally safe while we grow the company. 

Why are some restaurant's menu item's prices higher than in the restaurant?

Unfortunately, the delivery fee and tip is not enough to cover all of the costs to keep this business running. When we first opened Table Takeout, we had restaurants give us a discount on their food. This allowed us to list the menu prices as the same as in the restaurant. However, as demand grew for more restaurants and variety, we tried our hardest to keep signing on restaurants with a discount to meet the customers’ demands. As it became increasingly more difficult to get restaurants to agree to these terms, we offered a compromise where we could still have them listed as an offering, but we put a markup to be able to recover those costs. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place because we want to give customer’s the variety they want, and we also want to keep the restaurants happy and willing to work with us. Please know that this was a very tough call, and we appreciate your understanding this predicament. If you need to know how much a menu item is marked up, please select the “More Info” button on the restaurant’s menu.

What’s the difference between ASAP ordering and Future ordering?

ASAP orders are any orders a restaurant can make immediately. All of the restaurants listed may not have the same hours. Sometimes they close while we are open, so they can no longer accept orders that are to be made ASAP. We put those restaurants who close at the bottom of our Restaurant page, just in case you would like to place an order at a future date, when that restaurant is open again. For example, if you decide at 4am that you already know that you won’t be making dinner for that evening, that restaurant isn’t open at 4am; but you can go ahead and place a future order for that evening with that restaurant. This is what we call a Future order. Isn’t that awesome!?

Do you have a mobile app to make ordering easier?

We absolutely do! You can download our mobile app for iOS and Android devices!

What is your rewards program?

It’s easy! For every dollar you spend on food, we give you one point. Once you get to 100 points, we will automatically give you a free delivery fee off your next order! You can also check your rewards status in your account to see how far away you are from a free delivery.

How do I put in an order for a large group of people, like an office, without the hassle of taking everyone’s orders?

We have rolled out a new ordering feature for large groups, especially for offices! If you are an office manager or secretary, then you have (at some point) been tasked to ask for everyone’s lunch orders for a group lunch. It’s not a big deal, but kind of a hassle, right? This new feature let’s you email a link to all of your co-workers with the menu, and then they can individually pick out exactly what they want. What’s great is that you have the option to pay for everyone, have everyone pay for themselves, or set a budget that will be used for this order. It’s super convenient because we collect everyone’s orders for you while you focus on more important things! This feature is also great for a large group where everyone wants to pay for themselves! Check out our how-to video on where to find it and how it works step-by-step: 

Was there a problem checking out on the website?

Every order is supported by the company’s customer service team, so give us a call or send a message through the contact form and we’ll figure out how to fix the problem together.

How can I change or cancel my order after I have already placed it?

Call us at 252-288-3698! We will look up the status of your order and take it from there.

Did you receive the wrong order?

Oops! Sometimes restaurants make mistakes. You will need to call us, so we can let them know, and then we’ll send one of our drivers to go get it for free!

Don't see your favorite restaurant?

We just started and will be growing rapidly! The next time you dine out, be sure to tell the restaurant about us. We will happily work with any restaurant or business to get their delivery needs established.  

Don't deliver to your address?

Hopefully we will soon! Send us a message on our contact form, so we can keep you in mind when we expand our delivery radius.

Interested in your restaurant being a part of the Table Takeout family?

Call 252-288-3698 today. We take care of everything from delivery drivers, hardware, to-go bags, everything to help you get started.